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Travelling abroad always brings some risks to your health, but by ensuring you have the correct vaccinations and you take certain precautions you can minimise your exposure to most of the major health hazards.


For advice on any travel vaccinations the doctor will be well informed with up-to-date charts for vaccinations in each country and the different regions of each country, which may change from time to time.


Travel vaccinations and certificate service are available to everyone who is fit an well, and should safeguard their health while away (If you have any pre-existing health conditions please contact us for more information). The majority of vaccinations will take 2 – 6 weeks to provide adequate protection and some countries also require a certificate to show you are covered for yellow fever and meningitis. Protection against Hepatitis B and Hepatitis A requires a course of injections over a period of time.


If you travel extensively in or make multiple visits to third-world countries you should ensure you are protected. If you are travelling to a country where the safety of medical care cannot be assured it is advisable to take an emergency medical kit. You should also take out medical insurance before travelling and take an EHC card if travelling to EU countries. At the travel clinic Dr Sood will advise on all appropriate vaccination needed to each country being visited, he will also explain the administration process, and any side effects that may occur, and follow-up care.


Live vaccines should be administered at least three weeks apart or on the same day. However, the two oral vaccines typhoid and polio are usually separated by at least two weeks due to interference in the gut. Oral typhoid may be given concurrently with yellow fever or HNIG.


Inactivated vaccines can be given simultaneously with any other vaccine but at a different site for patient comfort. Concurrent administration does however, make it difficult to elucidate adverse reactions.


Remember: many health problems facing travellers are not vaccine preventable e.g. malaria and HIV. Guidelines regarding injury prevention, food and water hygiene, protection against insects and safe sex are equally important.

Questions ?

The travel clinic provides an email question/answer service and a telephone adviced service directly with our Consultant Doctor. If you have a specific medical question you can ask the queston and the doctor will review and answer your question by email within 24 hours, or if you provide a telephone number, call you back to discuss the question/answer. Once the fee of £20.00 for this service has been confirmed by Paypal the doctor will reply to your question and/or call you back if a telephone number is provided.

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