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Vaccinations We Offer:

The West Midlands Sunshine Travel Clinic provides a full and preventative care to ensure that your health is always protected when travelling abroad. All of our detailed travel advice is provided by our experienced doctor, Dr Prabhat Sood, MD, FRCP, who has a specialist Diploma in Travel Medicine and Tropical Medicine.

Sunshine Travel Clinic
West Midlands Sunshine Travel Clinic

We provide thorough assessments of any current medical conditions that could affect the medicine and vaccines administered by us. We offer a full range of travel medicine and travel vaccinations and other types of more unusual vaccines, including protection against mosquito or tick-borne diseases.

Covid Antigen & Antibody Tests Are Available

Prior to travel, it is vital to undertake a comprehensive travel health consultation. At the Travel Clinic you will receive relevant advice on vaccination, advice on malaria avoidance and any other health issues specific to your individual circumstances.

Vaccinations are available for people of all age groups.

The West Midlands Sunshine Travel Clinic also specialises in High-Altitude and Wilderness Medicine

High Altitude
West Midlands Sunshine Travel Clinic

Clinic Doctor:

Dr. Prabhat Sood
Consultant Physician, MD, FRCP, Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Diploma in Travel Medicine, Masters in Hospital Administration.

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